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For those who follow Retro Arcade Gaming, I left a reference to The Event, a project I’ve started. Well, since it’s my 5000th post, I figure, to mark the occasion, I’ll reveal a little more information about it.

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The Event is an RPG set in the universe of my novel series, set…

Aah, another successful publication from my friend. :D


Kayhem Maus’ Retro Arcade Gaming Entry 38 - Afterburner 2

It’s been entirely too long, but the time has come for me to return to what I got into blogging to do. Back when I last did one of these, I was meant to be doing a double bill but I figure I’ve had enough trouble getting this thing back off the ground, I’d just do a solo run, just to get back into the swing of things. I’m still without my hard drive but in the intervening years I’ve had a few changes in my computer set-up that’s let me back into the game, so to speak. So, the game I’ve covered is another classic, and another Sega stalwart. Ladies and gentleman, after several years, please, welcome back to Kayhem Maus’ Retro Arcade Gaming,

Number 38, Afterburner 2!

Released in 1987, Afterburner 2 was, on the surface, a fairly simple sequel to the previous instalment. With the addition of Throttle control came gameplay tweaks to involve this new feature, such as enemies and missiles tailing your plane. 3 new stages were also added.However, these minor additions to an already pretty well received game made it a welcome addition to Sega’s stable.

You play as the pilot of an F-14 Tomcat, a powerful fighter jet with a large stock of missiles and a Vulcan gun.You take flight from the aircraft carrier SEGA Enterprise on an undetailed mission, killing enemy soldiers in an unknown conflict. Imagine Top Gun without the plot, or homo-eroticism, and you’re pretty much there.

The controls are a flight-stick, controlling pretty much as you would expect one to, with a trigger on the back of it for the cannons and a button on top for missiles. The use of the missiles are best save for when you lock on to enemy planes, which is signified by boxes appearing around them and the instruction to fire. You can fire them without these lock-ons but they are fairly useless at hitting targets without it, but locking on is fairly easy. All you have to do is drag the cross-hair of your plane over the enemy hit box. Afterburner 2 also added a Throttle, which is a second stick which moves up and down, controlling the speed of the plane. When you push it all the way forward, this activated the Afterburn. This gives a massive boost of speed for a short period of time and when its over the throttle must be reset before attempting another.

Much like Space Harrier and Outrun, Afterburner 2 has its own moving cabinet version. The large sit-down cabinet for Afterburner 2 resembled a cockpit, and moved along with the motion of the plane, matching its banking shifts. This, like the others, is completely the best way to play the game, as the experience of the motion cabinet is an utter joy.

The goal of the game is to fly through 21 stages of mayhem, shooting down enemy planes and trying to avoid getting shot down yourself. There are also bonus stages of a sort, where you have to do a low, tight flying run, destroying as many enemy facilities and buildings as possible before the end of the stage. Though it is still possible to die by crashing into the rocks and larger hazards, they are fairly simple stages provided you fly cautiously.

If there is a plot to this game, I’ve not been able to find it. Basically, you’re a pilot, there’s a fight going on, get in there. That’s the best I can tell you. That surely doesn’t make it any less fun to fly around blasting stuff to bits, though, so of course I recommend it, even if the difficulty can sometimes be an off-putting issue. And if you can find the moving vehicle version, all the better for it.

Score: 80p/£1 [3 quarters/$1] It’s sequels never bettered the formula, merely repeated the glory. If you can find a classic motion cabinet, give it a shot. No means a perfect experience, but the simplistic pleasure of flying a jet and blasting foes is hard to beat.

Oh, one more thing…

Writing blogs with the sensation of water-logging in your ear is a terrible thing, and I recommend it for nobody. Also, dang, I missed doing this! So glad I got so bored I decided to get back into it. Hopefully it won’t be so long before the next instalment!


Exitialis Memoria: Chapter 5 - Black Swan

i. Spare Parts

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National Novel Writing Month Week 3 END

Weekly Word Count Update;
Day 15: 48865
Day 16: 50671
Day 17: 52413
Day 18: 54119
Day 19: 55830
Day 20: 57531
Day 21: 59993

Completion Day: November 16th


National Novel Writing Month Week 2 - END

Weekly Word Count Update;
Day 8: 31989
Day 9: 34386
Day 10: 36519
Day 11: 39066
Day 12: 41574
Day 13: 44170
Day 14: 46952

Projected Completion Day: November 16th

National Novel Writing Month Week 1 END

Weekly Word Count Update;
Day 1: 14687
Day 2: 16490
Day 3: 18587
Day 4: 21388
Day 5: 23307
Day 6: 25055
Day 7: 26789

Projected Completion Day: November 15th

Extended Silence 2: Electric Boogaloo, Diary of Aleksander DELAYED & It’s That Time of the Year Again…

I have to own up, a period of writer’s block combined with a particular scene of Dreams have slowed down my writing progress as of late.

The Diary took an unexpected turn as my LARP character ended up in charge of the city and that took a lot of my time up! Being in charge in a game with a digital communication platform is certainly an experience.

And yes, November has arrived, which means another instalment of KM has no Life AKA National Novel Writing Month. I’ll be updating word counts weekly, as last year, but let’s just say I’m already out of Week 1 as far as totals go. ;3

NEW PROJECT: The Diary of Aleksander Alekseyeva of the Invictus (A Private Look into the mind of a Vampire of Friarton)


After a very interesting LARP game I decided to take an old diary and revamp it as a ‘private online blog’. It will exist in the LARP universe Aleksander belongs in but would be unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the password. It will be posted in periodically, though there will be some catch up as I write up the previous year’s games. :)

Cross-post for those who don’t follow both blogs.