The History Of Mokoto Shujiwaru, Episode 2: Locker Room

This one’s history is a bit more complicated. As I was still creating parts of Exitialis Memoria, Sakasama once again challenged me to write a piece, revolving around an RP she was doing at the time and closely linked to some things she had drawn [no I won’t expand further. :P ] and at the same time I had been struggling for the motivation of my main series bad guy. Then an idea struck me as I was writing this: I could kill two birds with one stone if I go with a particular concept for the character, so had started approaching this as a history of the main character that isn’t featured as part of the actual EM series, and as such are not spoilers. ‘Episode 1’ is all the stuff that is featured in EM, so this is actually the first piece despite the title.

Anyway, enjoy!

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"Easter Egg Hunt" Part 1

This was another challenge, part of the Random Acts of Senseless Creativity [RASC] group I attend [currently once in a blue moon due to circumstances] and this one revolved around a story seed planted and a Google Maps location picked out at relatively random. I decided to use two characters from my main piece of fiction I am still working on, Exitialis Memoria [yes you will see that here eventually] that also happen to be two old RP characters of mine, and, well… hilarity ensues?

Under the cut:

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A little bit of Work In Progress titled ‘Dreams’

Bit of background before it begins: I was given this as a writing challenge from a good friend of mine on Twitter called Sakasama. She was doing something similar so said I should go for it too, basically. The concept was that a boy meets a girl somewhere public, and while he has had reoccurring, detailed dreams about her, she has no idea who he is and has never met him, ever. The challenge also came with special rules: at least one of the dreams has to be written in first person, while the rest is in omnipotent third. This is the result so far, I really want to expand on it though.



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